Bert Smith

11/02/2018  It is with deep regret that we have to notify everyone that our President Bert Smith passed away on the 26th January following a long battle with illness.  Our thoughts at this sad time are with his family.

Renhurst Farm & Burrswood

19/01/2018  The Perch, Crucians, Tench, Perch and 100 more Bream have been released into Renhurst Farm lake today.  3,000 fish have now been released into the lake in the last 2 months.  100 Tench were also released into Burrswood Bottom Lake

2018 Annual General Meeting

The 2018 AGM will be held at the Junction Inn, Station Road, Groombridge on Monday 19th March at 8.00pm.  All members are encouraged to attend if they possibly can as the meeting is your opportunity to have an input into the future running of the club.

Renhurst Farm Lake

25/11/2017  Next Tuesday the 28th November the Environment Agency will be stocking Renhurst Farm Lake with 500 Rudd, 1,500 Roach and 500 Bream.  Within the next few weeks 100 Perch, 100 Crucians, 100 Tench and a further 100 Bream that the Club have purchased will also be introduced into the lake.

Latest news for members

01/11/2017  Would members visiting this page please also ensure that they look at the Members Area for important updates.

Trevor’s Lake

29/09/2017  The ownership of the lake changed hands earlier this month.  Would members please refer to the Members Area of the website before fishing and keep well away from the shed and platform that are extremely dangerous.

Eridge Stream around Groombridge Sports Ground

18/09/2017  Would members please note that as the Eridge Stream around the Groombridge Sports Ground remains un-fishable due to dense undergrowth the club have not made their annual donation allowing members to fish this section of the stream.

Renhurst Farm Lake

19/08/2017  The Environment Agency will be releasing 1,000 Roach & 1,000 Rudd into Renhurst Farm Lake towards the end of the year.  These were the fish originally intended for Trevor’s Lake but because of the on going leak and reed growth problem with this lake it has been agreed with the EA that they can be released at Renhurst Farm instead.   The fish will be coming from thee EA’s coarse fish rearing unit in Calverton.  In addition the club are purchasing 100 x Perch, 100 x  Bream, 100 x  Crucians and 100 x Tench that will also be released into the lake in October/November this year.


11/08/207  Unfortunately we have to announce the passing of another long serving Vice President.  His Honour Judge John Gower QC passed away on the 04/08/2017 aged 91, our thoughts are with his family.

04/08/2017  We have recently heard the sad news that Rob Medhurst one of our Vice Presidents passed away last month aged 87.  Rob had been a Vice President and great supporter of the club since its formation in 1955.  He was the last of our original Vice Presidents.  Our thoughts are with his wife and family at this difficult time.

The Hartfield stretch of the Upper Medway we fish was owned by Rob.  He went into a care home several years ago and we have been able to continue fishing the with permission from his sons Clive and Andy.


Good News

22/07/2017  Work on the leak commenced earlier than expected and has reportably been completed.

Burrswood Bottom Lake Leak

17/07/2017  Members fishing the Bottom lake at Burrswood will have noticed that the water level has dropped considerably.  At this time of the year the level is usually down a bit due to evaporation, tree extraction and lack of rainfall but this year a leak near the outlet has compounded the problem.  The good news is that the Burrswood Estate has arranged for the leak to be repaired during the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Medway fishing report

25/06/2017  This report was received today from new member Andy Somerville.  Hopefully such reports will encourage other members to give our river sections a go.

“I’ve just got back from an evening session on the Medway (Hartfield stretch) and caught literally a bucket load of cracking brownies as well as a number of chub and possibly the largest gudgeon I’ve ever seen! All fell to stick-float worm, real commando-style bank fishing!

All fish were in superb condition and water quality seemed very good, despite the recent hot spell.”

Membership News

07/05/2017  A week into our 2017/18 year we are pleased to announce that the number of those renewing membership and joining is up on the same period last year.  What is particularly encouraging is that 25% of these are new members.

Your 2017/18 Membership Number

06/05/2017.  A couple of members have commented on the fact that their membership number has changed this year so here is an explanation as to why.

In past years members have kept their membership number each year but as people have left the club this has left gaps in the numbering system despite re-allocating some numbers to new members.  Last year for instance we had over 100 members but the newest members were issued a membership number in the 200’s.  This year to simplify the administration we have been issuing membership numbers in numerical order as subscriptions have come in making the process much simpler, if we have 100 members we only use 100 numbers.  What this means is that members will almost certainly have a different membership number each year from now on.

Renhurst Farm, Mark Cross

10/04/2017. The DAAC now have an agreement with the farm to fish this water rather than going through a third party.  The club has been involved with making improvements to the lake and further work is planned over the coming months.

Ticehurst House, Ticehurst

10/04/2017. Committee member Richard Mayes has been busy making improvements at Ticehurst House and has added several new fishing platforms.

Minnow Traps

04/04/2017.  The club has been advised by the Environment Agency that Minnow traps are classified as illegal instruments under the EA’s South East region bye-laws.  Should members wish to use Minnows as bait for Trout during the Coarse Fishing Close Season, although Coarse Fish, they can be caught using a rod, very light line and hook no larger than size 20 as part of our annually applied for Bait Exemption.

Fish Report

24/03/2017.  With Burrswood now closed until the 1st May some of our members have been turning their attention to Ticehurst House lakes.  In the last 2 weeks a 17lb Common Carp and 1lb 8oz Perch have been reported from this venue.

2017/18 Match Dates

The 2017/18 Match Fixtures can now be viewed on the Match Fixtures page of this website.  They are also listed on the Membership Card.

National Competition

The DAAC will be entering a team to fish in the 2017 Super Cup match competition in 2017.  Anyone wishing to be considered for the team please contact Martin Simmons.(UNFORTUNALEY WE HAVE NOW BEEN KNOCKED OUT OF THE COMPETITION)

Burrswood Fish Stock Assessment

The Environment Agency carried out a fish stock assessment survey at Burrswood last November and the results have now been made available.  The main purpose of this was to discover where the Tench had gone as none have shown for some time.  Unfortunately no Tench showed up during the survey whereas all other species thought present in the lake did.


If anyone is interested in helping the club by joining the committee please contact the secretary or any other committee member.



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