The Dorset Arms Angling Club is a member of the Rother Fisheries Association.  This provides our members with extra waters to fish that are included in their membership fee. Members have access to over 7 miles of the River Rother and  3 miles of the Royal Military Canal.  A returnable guest ticket is also available from the Membership Secretary at no charge should one of our members wish to take a friend or relative who is not a member of the Dorset Arms Angling Club.

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Familiarise yourself with the RFA Rules before fishing.

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River Rother & Royal Military Canal

Starting with the Upper stretches in Robertsbridge the river is narrow and shallow runs and deeper pools, which is perfect for roving tactics. Good Chub have been reported along with Roach and Brown Trout.

Lower down towards Bodium the river becomes deeper and the main species become Skimmers, Bream and the occasional Tench. Lots of Eels are also present up to about 2lbs as are some better Roach up to around the 1lb 8ozs mark.

Newenden is a popular match and pleasure stretch. The river becomes quite deep here with better sized Bream taken on pole and feeder tactics. Along with other silver fish bags to be caught, occasional bonus fish have been reported along with good sized Eels.

Blackwall Bridge, Wittersham stretch. Much deeper areas with Pole, Feeder tactics working well. Good parking and easy access make this one of RFA’s most popular waters. Good Bream and Tench are the main species together with lots of Skimmers, Roach and Gudgeon along with large Pike.

As well as the River Rother, access is available to the Royal Military Canal. The stretch is around 3 miles long starting from Iden Lock through to Appledore. Good mixed bags of fish are caught including Roach, Bream, Skimmers and Tench. Large Pike and even Carp have been caught on this stretch.